Meritorious Achievement Award

Each year NHWWA awards an individual for outstanding service to a water utility, or the drinking water community. For more information and to submit a nomination please see the form below.

Meritorious Achievement Award Nomination Form

Meritorious Achievement Award – Past Recipients

1995                       Rich Thayer                       NHDES

1996                       Phil Pineau                        Laconia Water Works

1997                       Bob Metcalf                       Claremont Public Works Dept.

1998                       Bruce Lewis                       Lewis Engineering

1999                       Albin Johnson                   Berlin Water Dept.

2001                       Norm Bumford                 Henniker Water Dept.

2002                       Ed Mekus                           Newmarket Water Dept.

2003                       Bernie Lucey                      NHDES

2003                       Gary Lord                           Exeter Water Dept.

2004                       Bill Daly                              Salem Water Dept.

2004                       Dave Brennan                   Sunapee Water Dept.

2005                       Ed Betz                               Peterborough Water Dept.

2006                       Ron Gagnon                      Somersworth Water Dept.

2006                       Allen Breton                      Somersworth Water Dept.

2007                       Robert Beaurivage           Manchester Water Works

2008                       Tom Cravens                     Portsmouth Water Dept.

2009                       Dave Candeias                  Laconia Water Works

2010                       Mike Metcalf                     Underwood Engineers

2011                       Phil Bilodeau                     Concord General Services

2012                       Wade Crawshaw               C & C Water Services

2013                       Roland Viens                     Berlin Water Works

2014                       Rene Pelletier                    NH Dept. of Environmental Services

2015                       Neil W. Helberg                Lewis Engineering

2016                       Floyd Dungelman             Laconia Water Works