Our Mission Statement:

“to improve municipal water supply service in the State of New Hampshire: by discussion of all water supply issues and problems, inspection of water works facilities, and action to improve the position of, as well as service rendered by, operators, managers and water works persons.”

What we’re about…

Tour of Water SystemThe New Hampshire Water Works Association (NHWWA) is a nonprofit professional organization with a membership consisting of municipal water systems, community-type water systems, investor owned water utilities, water works equipment and materials manufacturers and suppliers, engineers, consultants and government regulators and others. At present, there are approximately 125 associate members and approximately 165 utility members (municipal and community systems) representing hundreds of water works employees.

Each year NHWWA co-sponsors a trade fair, holds four technical general membership meetings, provides a 12-week basics course for drinking water operators, a construction/field day bus trip, many operator training seminars throughout the year for NHDES approved contact hours, publishes a newsletter and professional journal and actively participates in the legislative process on issues affecting the drinking water industry. Our legislative program has been very effective in highlighting the interests and needs of our industry with regard to legislation and administrative rules.

We encourage all municipal water systems, investor owned water utilities, community water systems and all other interested people to become members of NHWWA. Guests are welcome to attend all meetings.